Tuesday, September 23, 2008

With whom shall I stand, when divided they stand ...

Who am I, O Lord Jehovah?
And what is my house,
that You have brought me here?
- David Ben Jesse
O' who am I?

O' that I would see
As the Lord would see
The beam in mine
And not the speck.
Like the prophets of old
Who bared their neck
As they saw HIS glory;
No pros and con,
No explanations
Just HIM alone.
O' who am I?

Who is Paul and who is Apollos
Aren't they just saints like all
Or Moses,
Was there a man like him HE writes.
"Who is on Jehovah's side",
He had asked,
Who cared not for his own,
As the inheritance was auctioned;
No one saw, no one heard
God was all in all
For God had done it all.
O' who am I?

I have heard HIS voice
I have counted the cost
And though the clouds may blind
Yet believe I will
Neither bless nor curse
Humbled by what I am
As a deer that pants for water
I lay it all at the altar
My reasoning and my emotions
What I am and what I have
And what I want
Count it all but loss, just dung.
O' who am I?

For I am Korah's son.

--O to remain in my boundary. For who am I to judge the Lords anointed. Give me Grace O Lord to remain faithful to the light that you are giving me, to never forget the purging of my sin. To remain in that place of brokenness where YOU might be found. In that place there is safety, in the shadow of the almighty.--

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